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First Session at The Compassion Clinic
or Ever?

Hey. I get it. Been there, done that. The first session?


Hopefully, a quick description of what to expect will help calm some of the nerves and ease some of the pre-session jitters. Nobody loves being the deer in the headlights.


Email for a Consult or Book Online

We can schedule a quick chat free of charge and/or you can book online at a time that fits your needs. Don't see a time? Fire off an email and I will try to make the magic happen!


Fill out the Jane App Information

All your information is confidential & secure, rest assured. Some of this is basic demographic information, relevant information as to why you are seeking services, and information to help me understand how to best support you. Payment can be through The Jane App, in office using the Square App or through e-transfer. Payment is expected prior to session because I do not want to chase you around for payment and its awkward as bananas to pay at the end of the session. 



Free parking! (and the crowd goes wild!!). Use the side door, not the front door. Email the clinic or sign in on the QR code outside. I will come out and greet you! Follow COVID 19 protocols (Sanitize, sign in, and wear your mask until in the office).


The Actual Session!

I promise it is very relaxed the first session. We get to know each other, discuss confidentiality, and explore how I can help you. Trust me, its not the Spanish Inquisition! I am very open and honest, so to build the relationship its a reciprocal engagement. The first session is not all paperwork, it is not all question after question, it is not homework assignment after homework assignment. It is, whatever you need it to be. We get to know each other, get you comfortable in the therapy process and begin to make the magic happen!

However, be advised my jokes are both hilarious and dorky. 

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